How We Worship

Worship, as one author has put it, is “the rhythm of revelation and response.” As God reveals truth about Himself in His Word and in His world, we are called to respond appropriately. At times this response is expressed through adoration of and praise to God in singing. Yet true worship will eventually manifest itself in the submission of our whole selves to God. The more the people of God understand the truth about God, especially as it is revealed in the redemptive plan of the Gospel, the more their lives will be wholeheartedly committed to Him.

Our worship at Highlands is primarily vertical—that is, directed towards God. He calls us to praise and adore Him. The body of Christ must also exhort one another in worship. At times our singing and praying conveys our affirmation of truth together, while at other times we admonish one another to live in a way pleasing to God. As you worship with us, we hope that you’ll gain a taste of heaven, when those from every tribe, tongue, and nation will gather around God’s throne (Revelation 7).

You’ll notice that our services are filled with God’s Word. We listen to and read Scripture together, and our songs are based on the truths of the Bible. In God’s Word, we find truth and life. While we hear from God through His Word, we also commune with Him in prayer. As a people we express our hearts to our King in praise, confession, and adoration. Though we do not follow a strict liturgy each week, we strive to wed the sermon and music together so that the service is a unified whole in which the truth of God is communicated and the people of God are given the opportunity to respond.